Lures this good are no longer a myth

  1. Nessie & Monkey Punch in Action
    Amazing Action from our Nessie and Monkey Punch - special thanks to Andy Buss
Levithan & Grootslang
The softest & most durable - A must have for your Tackle Arsenal!!

We offer our Monkey Punch (single tail darter) and monkey knuckle (double tail darter) in both original and jr sizes and custom pour them in 19 unique colors
we are growing every week! we are in shops throughout indiana, michigan and illinois and more shops coming!
we offer our nessie (3.8") and lil nessie (3.5") swim baits in 9 of the best colors for all your tackle arsenals
Swim Baits
Cusom Lures

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About Us
It all started one night while having a few beers and talking about our favorite past time.  We saw the need to break from the Normal same old colors that everyone else makes, and the desire to generate the newest, most consistant colors and lures designed by the people that use them.  We have 19 custom colors with the ability to create that special color just for you with the softest most durable plastic on the market.